Our Vision

Our vision is to make any home or commercial building currently reliant upon electricity, oil, coal or LPG fuel in Essex, Suffolk, London or The Home Counties in the UK more sustainable.

We are dedicated to sustainability through the introduction of renewable technology to homes and commercial buildings that not only make them more sustainable but also generate an income from the energy produced.

With government Renewable Heat Incentives available, now is a good time to start your journey towards sustainability.

Meet The Expert

‘I have had a life-long interest in energy efficiency and sustainability ignited by the black-outs of the early 1970’s. These power cuts made me realise what life could be like without power and light and aware of the finite resources that these depended on. In 1972 I made a simple generator from a recycled mower engine and a car dynamo. I ran a renewable energy group while in the sixth form and built a wind turbine located on the science lab roof. In 1975 I joined CCT, the precursor to the CAT Centre for Alternative Technology.

The book that was to inspire me most was Robert and Brenda Vale’s “Autonomous House” Pub.1975. This book set me onto the path of renewable energy generation – which I still follow today.

My renewables journey started with my own home and has continued through the solutions we provide for other domestic and commercial properties.

We started our route to biomass with a Ground Source Heat pump which was poorly specified by other experts and delivered with a thermal store. (Heat pumps do not work well with thermal stores and result in much higher electricity bills than expected.) Our main need was a for hot water supply as that required the most energy – we chose a Woodwarm stove and this supplied us with plenty of hot water while only needing around a ton and a half of wood per year. Re-training from Gas installations to wood via a HETAS training course soon had us interested in the more efficient wood-fuelled boilers and led to our first installer training courses – in Italy and Denmark.’

Jonathan Cooke BSc (Hons) – Dragon Renewables


Dear Jonathan,

I wanted to let you know we have have been very pleased with the Okofen wood pellet boiler that you installed for us in January 2014. It has been working very smoothly and I am glad we took your recommendation to install it. I also think you did a very competent job in installing it – your team were quick and knew exactly what to do. In the preparation phase when we had to dig a deep trench across our drive, I appreciated your care and attention to detail, which is obviously born out of many years of experience.

Many thanks

Tim Vaughan

 “I would just like to express my satisfaction with the installation of Okofen wood pellet boiler, thermal store and solar tubes by Dragon Contracts, initially I was very cautious with this type of installation as building my very first Eco efficient house to live in was a minefield with all the types of products on the market.

Jonathan from Dragon is very straight talking and knew what he was talking about and not just out to make a quick buck, I listened to his advice I also visited his very own eco property and now that I have had Dragon install the above I am just amazed how efficient the system is. I use between ½ – 1 bag of wood pellets a day only when the weather is very poor so estimated cost for biofuel equates to around £375.00 per year based on 5 months usage as for the remainder the natural sunlight provides the energy to heat my water etc even on a partially cloudy day.

Yes the initial outlay is more expensive but with rising fuel bills this is by far the best way to go. You even get grants back from the government which all helps.

Danny Summers

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ELECSA provides inspection, assessment and certification services to contractors working across the building services sectors. Elecsa provides Part P, MCS and BAFE assessment and certification services to contractors installing electrical or renewable technology systems in homes.

Renewable Energy Consumer Code

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code was set up by the Renewable Energy Association to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes. The Renewable Energy Consumer Code logo is a sign that the company has agreed to abide by the high standards set out in our Consumer Code.

The Association for Environment Conscious Building

AECB is a network of individuals and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building. It brings together builders, architects, designers, manufacturers, housing associations and local authorities, to develop, share and promote best practice in environmentally sustainable building.


The Passivhaus Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation that provides leadership in the UK for the adoption of the Passivhaus standard and methodology. Passivhaus is the leading international low energy, design standard. Over 65,000 buildings have been designed, built and tested to this standard worldwide.


HETAS is the official body recognised by Government to approve biomass and solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses.

Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers

The IDHEE is an independent non-profit making professional body, founded in 1964, serving the Domestic Heating Engineer for more than 48 years. The Institute aims to promote energy efficient domestic central heating components and the installation of safe and efficient systems.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently install or manufacture to the highest quality every time.