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Green Deal Assessment

Dragon Renewables is a highly accredited Green Deal Assessor. If you are looking to...

  • Save money on your heating bills compared to Oil, LPG or Electric
  • Earn tax-free income from the government for energy you generate
  • Use a sustainable source for your energy

Green Deal Assessor

Dragon Renewables based in Saffron Walden, Essex

Why choose us?

Dragon Renewables a small family-run business dedicated to providing the most appropriate renewable heat systems for your home or business.

• We supply a balanced and fair assessment of your requirements
• We supply a range of solutions and technologies that we constantly review and update and for which we are accredited under the Micro Certification Scheme

Our greatest advantage is our experience and expertise working with renewable energies. We've been installing biomass boilers and renewable heating systems since 2005 and prior to this, our construction industry experience has provided an understanding of the "pathology" of structures which affords us a complete view of how properties work. Our problem solving ability gives us the edge over less experienced competitors and we are here for the long term - we've been installing renewable heat solutions for many years prior to the current Government support schemes and will still be here to provide a personal service after these initiatives have disappeared.

  • Biomass Boiler Installation
  • Maintenance services available
  • Qualified and experienced Renewables Plumbing, Heating and Electrical experts.


Download our 'Renewables Ready' checklist

Example project

Passive House - Felsted, Essex

Overview of project goes here. ie. What was the challenge? What was the solution? What does the customer say about it?

passive house

Calculations and numbers
Calculations and numbers
Calculations and numbers

More info?

For more information, or to arrange a survey, please contact Jonathan Cooke today

Saffron Walden (01799) 598 086