Renewable energy solutions since 2003

Considering Renewables?

  • Save money on your heating bills compared to electric, oil or LPG heating
  • Create income from the renewable heat you generate
  • Use sustainable sources for energy
  • Benefit from more than a decade of renewables installation experience

Renewables Installations

Dragon Renewables is an established Heating and Plumbing installer. Since 2003, we have focused on specifying and installing renewable energy solutions to make our residential and commercial customers more sustainable. If you are currently using electricity, oil, coal or LPG heating then a biomass boiler or other renewable heat options are very likely to save you money on your average monthly bills. If you then include the Renewable Heat Incentive you will find your running costs on the whole heating system cheaper overall compared to most off-gas heating solutions.

biomass and wood fired boilers


Biomass and Wood Fired Boilers

Biomass boilers perform the same function as your existing boiler but use biomass as a feedstock, which if sourced correctly is carbon neutral. Biomass boilers are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

ground and air source heat pumps

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are a great replacement for any fossil fuelled water based heating and hot water system but are especially suitable for underfloor heating systems.




solar thermal

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal panels use heat from the sun to heat your water (supplying hot water to taps and radiators). In the UK a solar thermal panel needs to be combined with other heat solutions to provide your home with reliable heating, but can contribute between 25-70% depending on your location and management of the system.

solar pv

Solar PV

PV systems are a very useful way of reducing your electricity purchase from the National Grid.